ADRIAN X SOULGAZER @ The Piston Feb.27th

What up musicisageless peeps!

Come support some dope live music featuring myself and all of these original bands and artists. The Piston is a great club. Get ready for a great show Thursday Feb. 27th. X;

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SOULGAZER Album Release Show

Greetings Musicisageless peeps,

I am excited to announce that on Feb 11th three major events will be taking place. My album Soulgazer is being released on Universal Music, i will be performing my first ever solo artist show AND its my birthday!!! Come take part in this special day! X;

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SOULGAZER promo cards

Musicisageless peeps! These are my album promo cards. There were only 1000 of these free promo cards made. They have a link to free songs and videos. Find me in Toronto or hit me up by email to receive your special download code! X;

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SOULGAZER psychedelic video

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"SOULGAZER" Listening Party

Hello to all of my friends!

I've missed seeing a lot of your lovely faces the past long while... Its been super busy working hard in studio and on tour with Drake. This year started with a lot of good times playing with Serena Ryder and then Leona Lewis.

In between all that, i have been busy finishing up my FACTOR funded first ever solo album! 

Its done now and i'd like to invite you all to come down to a special listening party that i am throwing in my original downtown Toronto hangout!

We are converting Uncle Otis into a cool Pirate Rum bar filled with guitars, amplifiers and the sounds of the music i have just completed will be blasting away. I'll be doing a couple short performances as well.

We have great sponsors and are going to have a great time hopefully with all of you! Lets catch up, have a tasty drink (or 6) and catch some long overdue vibes together :)

I hope you can make it! 

One Love X,
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